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Sheila and Morning Star

June 2014



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Jun. 2nd, 2014


Is this thing on?

Hey guys! It's been years since any of us have posted here. Heck, I couldn't even get into my old livejournal.

Is anyone out there?

Dec. 8th, 2011


Got my new fanfic up

Hey guys! I finally got my fanfic put up on my site. This started as a Nanowrimo novel a couple of years ago. I haven't finished it, but I've got about 8 chapters done so far. Hopefully I can get in a writing mood and work on it some more. So far, I've just got the first three chapters formatted and uploaded. You can find it here: http://hiddendoors.webs.com/sotuqfanfic.htm

Dec. 31st, 2010



book for sale!

WOW, it's been awhile.

I hope my sudden lurch out of the ether finds all of my old friends here doing well and enjoying the season. To our newer members (I see we're still getting them!) I offer a hearty welcome. :) We never used to be this silent, I swear.

I came by tonight because I was going through my closet yesterday, putting away Christmas wrapping, and stumbled across an extra copy of book #4, Into the Dream, that I'd forgotten I had. It's a UK edition and is in really lovely shape, I even used a picture of it on the SUQ Archives. My own personal copy is pretty battered, but I (being a sentimental mess) can't bring myself to part with it. That means that this extra copy - in the interest of de-cluttering my life - has got to go.

Therefore I present you with an eBay auction, which ends on January 5th.

I feel like a terrible shill posting this here (I actually put it off for a day because I couldn't decide), but in the end it didn't seem right not to at least put the word out. I wasn't expecting any bites so soon (or at all), so we'll see what happens.

Update: Auction ended, congrats to the winner!

Happy New Year to all and sundry!

Apr. 3rd, 2010

SUQ: Moonspell Cover


Icon Update

I totally forgot to update the icon post from last month with who my anon buddy was! Turns out, it was sdwolfpup, who is made of pure awesome. As ya'all already knew from the icons themselves. ::G::

I updated the post. If any of you have snagged the icons, please remember to update the info so that she gets proper credit. Because as I said, she is awesome and deserves it! (I can't wait to get to see her in person again in six days! Weee!)

Feb. 17th, 2010


SUQ Promotional Poster

I saw a post earlier about the SUQ promotional poster that was on Ebay. I was the one that won that. Once I get a new website up, I'll be putting scans of the poster up. In the meantime, here's a picture that gives a clearer view of it.

SUQ: Fandom Recruiter


Icons Made For Me (That I Can Share) (Now With The Creator Named)

Okay, so I'm attending PacifiCon 2010 in April (AKA: bitchinparty), and for the month of Feb, a bunch of us are doing an anonymous gift exchange for a fellow con attendee, called our Bitchin Buddy. This week, my Bitchin Buddy made me a series of six icons based on the SUQ covers!

It was so sweet, and they're so lovely, I couldn't stand the thought of not being able to show off and use them all (I only had two icons slots open), so I asked if I could share them with this comm so that you guys could squee and enjoy them too!

The creator will remain Anon until the start of March (See ETA Below). I'll post again when I know who it is, so you all can glomp them and try to draw them into our circle (if they're not alerady a part of it ::makes dramatic "who is my Anon friend" finger wriggles::), and give them credit if you use any of his/her icons.

001 002 003
004 005 006

Is my BB not totally awesome?? S/he did such a great job in keeping the images bright and clear! I'm curently useing the Moonspell one in my icon lineup, but I need to wait for more icon slots are open before I can use more then one. I wanna use them all!

ETA: The creator is the always awesome sdwolfpup!! If you've saved any of the icons, please update the info with proper credit. And tell her how awesome they are, because dude! Are these not awesome?? ::loves::

Dec. 2nd, 2009

SUQ: 101 Math


FIC: "Promise Of A Broken Truth"

I have not abandoned this series! Far from it, I have four more fics after this mostly finished, but unbetaed (my fault!) because of various life things, or I got distracted writing the following fic in the series. ::chuckles::

I actually wrote this a long time ago, but as I mentioned above, I, well, I immediately got distracted writing a few fics after it as well. And then life happened. And then I forgot. But while transferring all my recent stuff over to AO3, I remembered how much I love this world, and decided it was past time to get back to it. Starting with this, book three of my "Broken Truth" series.

It won't make any sense unless you read the first two, however, but it's not as angsty (comparatively) to the first two. And there are more happy times in the future for this series, I promise.

I hope ya'all are still interested in reading it!

Title: Promise Of A Broken Truth
Author: torra (torra_k@yahoo.com)
Rating: G
Pairing: Gen in this fic, traditional book parrings in the series
Categories: Series, Angst
Word Count: Around 8,500 Words
Disclaimer: So not mine, so wish they were.
Author's Note: This is book three of this series, and won't make any sense without reading the first two: Pain Of A Broken Truth, and Silence Of A Broken Truth.
Reit was watching the door too, now, counting down the seconds left until help arrived.

"If you don't have them take me away, I won't tell them you've faked your credentials and are living under an assumed name." Reit's eyes flew to his now and Johnathan nodded slowly. "Give me a chance to talk, and I won't tell them you're here trying to escape from accusations of pedophilia, kidnapping, and murder."

You can read it On AO3 or On My LJ

Nov. 24th, 2009


Nanowrimo SUQ novel excerpt

So far I've got 11,137 words. Yay! That's 45 pages typed, double-spaced. I highly doubt I'll reach the 50,000 mark, but am still proud of what's done so far. And there's lots more novel to write. I don't want to post it until I finish and have a chance to edit but did decide to go ahead and post an excerpt:

Dian glanced back the way she had come and looked back at Sheila.
"Listen," she said. "You know, I've never liked you."
"What a surprise."
"Will you be quiet! I'm trying to help you. There's something about Darian you should—"
"Oh, forget it, Dian. I don't need your help."
At that moment another familiar voice echoed down the hall. "When my sister gets back, we'll—" But Darian stopped speaking as he rounded the corner and caught sight of Sheila.
"Darian!" Sheila was so happy to see him that it took a moment to register the young woman who had her hand in Darian's hand and was gazing up at him, hanging off his every word.
"Sheila!" He didn't sound pleased. Sheila felt her heart plummet and shatter.
He looked a little older, taller, more muscular. His brown hair fell just below his wide shoulders and his face and arms were tanned from long hours spent outdoors. He wore the uniform and armor of Laric's men. Just looking at him was enough to make any girl swoon.
And the girl with him was lovely, with long curly blond hair past her slim waist, deep emerald eyes, and an elegant tunic that draped in all the right places to show off her figure.
Half of her wanted to run away and the other half wanted to punch him.
"Do you know her?" the blond creature of evil asked.

Oct. 25th, 2009


Nanowrimo Novel Banner

Made a banner for my Nanowrimo Novel. :D I wish November 1 would get here already!!!!

*edits* LJ is cutting off part of the pic on the main page. Here's the url for it: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c310/bewilderness/sheilalittlebanner1.jpg

And here's the full-size banner:


Oct. 19th, 2009




Well, next month is NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month. http://www.nanowrimo.org And guess what my planned novel is going to be about?

Secret of the Unicorn Queen!

Not sure that I will be able to get 50,000 words though. :/ But it'll sure be fun trying!

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